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Stop Suffering and Train Better.

Whether you are a serious competitor or just a weekend warrior, seeing better is vital. A long day exposed to the elements, such as wind, sun, or dust can leave you with burning, sore, itchy, or scratchy eyes or even reduce your ability to wear contacts.

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Common symptoms with indoor or outdoor activities:

  • Watery eyes -- common with cycling, running, skating, ice hockey, and skiing

  • Sensitivity to sunlight – any outdoor activity

  • Burning – running, cycling, activities that causes lots of sweat

  • Itchy eyes – tennis, soccer, baseball, or sports around lots of grass or trees

Increased time outdoors or sweat can block up oil gland pores and contribute to dry eyes.  Be more comfortable with outdoor exercise when you treat your dry eyes. Be seen, get evaluated, start treatment and maintain your eyes. Improve your performance.

Don’t let dry eyes interfere with your activities.


Lisa Lord (Owner of athletic retail store, age 58)  She presents with eyes that water throughout the day for the past 3 years.  She is an ultra marathon runner and runs with a towel in her hand and wears a wrap around pair of glasses to block the wind from causing more watering of the eyes.  At work, she constantly holds a tissue to wipe her tears off her face. Eyes are red and constantly feels irritated.  She uses allergy drops to help with irritation and dryness. Following Miboflo treatment, her symptoms decreased dramatically. She still carries a towel when running but is rarely using it to wipe her eyes.  She appreciates being able to speak to her clients without worrying that she has to wipe her eyes.  

Elisa Rodrigs (Estimator, age 29, Caucasian)

Patient came in and wanted LASIK surgery, because she loves backpacking, outdoor life and exercise.  During the LASIK consultation, her prescription was fluctuating a lot due to dryness, and she was diagnosed with severe dry eyes.  After she had the first treatment, her eyes felt cooler, lighter and much more lubricated.  She did not realize how many daily symptoms were related to dry eyes and now figured she has had dryness for years.  When wearing contacts, her eyes would feel scratchy and she would try to blink more to make her lenses feel better and for her to see better.   She never used eye drops and maybe did not know she should have used them.   Following her treatments, people commented on how she looked more


awake and how fresh she looked.  Vision improved significantly when wearing contacts.  The comfort of contact lens wear improved, too, as the contacts no longer felt scratchy, and she did not have to blink a lot just to make the lenses feel better. Because she treated her dry eye condition prior to LASIK surgery, her recovery post-surgery was a breeze.  She did not have the normal symptoms of dryness and irritation that others post-LASIK surgery experience.  Maintenance is a huge part to make sure the dry eyes are maintained well to keep lifestyle improved.  She is now seeing great without correction, enjoying backpacking, and having no issues with dry eyes during any outdoor activities.

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