Covid and Your Child’s Eyes

Staring at the computer or a tablet is unavoidable when this is how they connect with their teachers and peers. This can cause their vision to become blurry or their eyes to be irritated, both signs of dry eye syndrome.

Dry eye occurs when the eyes don’t produce enough tears or when there is an imbalance in the tears. Eyes need to be kept moisturized, comfortable, and healthy. If managed properly, they can be symptom free; however, people who are on a computer all day tend to be more susceptible to dry eyes.

Now more than ever, eye exams for children are a necessity. Parents need to pay attention to how long their children are on the computer, how closely they watch the screen, and recognize the signs of dry eyes. The symptoms of dry eyes increase at an earlier age due to the introduction and excessive use of phones, video games, tablets, laptops, and TVs. If they start complaining about their eyes or look like they’re straining to view screens, then call 20/20 Dry Eye Spa today.

Remember to help your children practice the 20-20-20 rule:

For every 20 minutes in front of the screen
Take 20 seconds and
Focus on an object 20 feet away

In these uncertain times, even when schools do re-open, it is clear that virtual learning will remain a part of our lives. It is a strategy that seems to work for many, and if the schools ever have do close again, children will be back on their computers all day again.

Children need to be reminded to view their screens at a proper distance, take time away from their screens, and to remember to get up and go outside and play or exercise. Enjoying the outside, natural sunlight, and looking at objects at a distance is healthy for their eyes. Also, they need to get enough sleep so they can rest their eyes. Parents now have to be more vigilant and pay more attention.

Some schools are only partially reopening, which means many students will remain online and in front of their screens for hours at a time, putting excessive strain on their eyes. With this comes the possibility of dry eye syndrome. Look for the signs and book an appointment today.

The key to successful treatment is to get evaluated and to follow the plan put in place.

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