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20/20 Dry Eye Spa has helped many young adults see better. Here are a few success stories.

Kayvon West (College student, age 20, African American)

She presented with red eyes, blurred vision, and infection for the past 2+ months.  She was diagnosed with keratoconus from another doctor and was referred to us for a second opinion.  Her eye dryness was so severe that her glasses prescription was unreliable because her tear film was so unstable. Clinically, the front surface of her eyes was as if you took sandpaper and scraped it across the surface of her cornea multiple times that it was raw.  She presents with hundreds of dry patch zones which would easily cause her to have an infection that never heals up.  Her best corrected vision was 20/40 to 20/50 level which is 3-4 lines worse than optimum level of vision.  It has taken almost 1 month for the cornea to heal before we could even perform any dry eye treatment as her risk of infection was so high.  The cornea needed to be intact before the dry eye treatment could be successful.


Kayvon did have Miboflo treatment and was diligent with maintenance and at home treatment.  It took another 4-6 weeks before her vision returned back to normal.  She is able to see 20/20 again and she does not have keratoconus either.  Her eye dryness is chronic and she is continuing to be monitored and receiving ongoing treatment.


Shruti Munagala (College student, computer science, age 20, Southeast Asia)

Patient was asymptomatic and wore contacts full-time for the last 9 years.  During an eye examination in 2019, her Lipiscan showed 50-60% gland loss in each eye and she had severe MGD by age 19 and had zero awareness!  Recommendation by Dr. Lee was to receive the Miboflo treatment immediately to prevent further gland loss, prior to her leaving for college Freshman year.  When Sruti completed her treatment, she reported that her eyes were watering more and she became more aware of dry eye symptoms.  Her dry eye was so severe that she lost sensitivity and awareness of dryness until her eyes recovered and healed up.  She did great her first semester of college and had minimal dryness, but she had little time in college life to do any dry eye maintenance.  She is a computer science major and the extensive studying and computer work along with the lack of blinking increased her dry eye symptoms. With COVID in 2020 and distance learning, the hours of digital use increased significantly.  She now reports pain from wearing contacts by afternoon and evening, sensitivity to light, and she cannot wear contacts for as long and notices dryness daily.  Sruti was taking more breaks and feeling the need to use more eye drops.  She is back in town for a short time due to COVID.  Since Sruti has limited time for maintenance, we recommended Lipiflow this time.   She has responded well to treatment and with lid cleaning mainly needed for post-Lipiflow care, Sruti is able to continue with online summer school class, with minimal dry eye symptoms.


20/20 Dry Eye Spa Can Help. Call 408-433-0800 to find out how you can see better.

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