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What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when your eyes are not being moisturized frequently enough by tears. Ironically, the drier the eyes are, the more the cornea can become desensitized. That’s why many people get used to having chronic dry eyes. That dry eye level is now their new norm.

What causes dry eyes?

Dry eyes are caused by many factors. Environment, diet, and hydration are some of the common causes. Using digital devices all day is one of the main factors contributing to dry eye syndrome.

What are some dry eye symptoms?

Redness, watering, scratchiness and itchiness are common symptoms. If your eyes are exhausted at the end of the day, if you work extensively with computers/ digital devices or if you use eye drops that give you minimal relief, you likely have dry eyes.

How do dry eyes affect vision?

Dry eyes can cause your vision to fluctuate, making it difficult to function in daily life. It can be debilitating if it gets severe. Get a dry eye evaluation to find out more information.

Why are my eye drops not helping with my dry eye condition?

There are different layers in the eye, and your drops might be insufficient to treat the correct layer. Your eye drops may be focusing on the water layer, but will evaporate within a few seconds if your oil glands are blocked. We focus on understanding the cause of your dry eyes, to relieve the symptoms by going to the root of the problem.

Do you offer a complimentary consultation?

Dry eye evaluations are typically $149. If you scheduled an eye exam as part of our other services, there is a complimentary Dry Eye scan and evaluation that is included. Please contact us for more information on pricing. Treatments vary from person to person depending on their evaluation.

How often should I have my eyes checked?

We recommend having a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. During the comprehensive eye exam, a complimentary screening is offered.

What should I expect on my dry eye examination?

During your evaluation, we will perform a Lipiscan, a screening that allows us to know if your meibomian (oil) glands are healthy or not. We will evaluate the various tear layers, cornea health, lids and lashes, and your ability to blink. Our doctors will also evaluate your environment and lifestyle to see how you can make adjustments to your daily activities to help reduce your symptoms of dry eyes.

How do you cure dry eyes?

There is not one cure for dry eyes as it is a multi-factorial disease of the eyes. We offer solutions and education about how to manage and maintain good eye health to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.

What should I expect from my treatment?

You will feel refreshed and will get immediate relief from dry eye following treatment. Your experience will be comfortable and painless. We will perform a deep lid cleaning prior to MiboFlo or Libiflow treatment. Vision is generally sharper and clearer after treatment. 

What are some of the benefits of your dry eye spa treatments?

  • Greater Eye Comfort

  • Fewer Dry Eye Symptoms

  • Sharper Vision

  • Stable Vision without Fluctuation

Our goal is to eliminate your symptoms so you can see more clearly and comfortably!

What is a Lipiscan screening?

This is a screening of the meibomian gland to structurally determine the integrity of the oil producing glands. That alone DOES NOT determine if these glands are functioning properly. A normal scan does not mean you don’t need treatment or do not have dry eyes.

Why should I go to 20/20 Dry Eye Spa?

We have a holistic approach and treat not just the symptoms. We direct our attention at the root of the problems that are causing the symptoms and educate you on lifestyle modifications to help you manage your dry eyes. We are one of the few Optometric practices that offer both the Miboflo and LipiFlow treatments options for meibomian (oil) gland dysfunction.

  • What is the MiBoflo treatment? 
    Be prepared to be pampered! We will gently massage your eyelids using the MiboFlo Thermoflo device. This thermal heat is used to help remove the obstruction to your meibomian glands to restore your oil film of your tears. You will feel refreshed and will get immediate relief from dry eyes following treatment. Many of our patients fall asleep during treatment because it is so relaxing!

  • What is LipiFlow?
    LipiFlow is the only electronic device cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of Meibomian gland dysfunction. It uses a patented algorithm of precise heat that is applied to the inner eyelids with directed gentle massage to remove blockages from the meibomian glands. This treatment is designed to restore the natural oil flow to the tear film that covers the eye’s surface.

What is the best treatment for me?

You need a dry eye evaluation in order for the doctor to determine the severity of dry eyes you have. Some treatments work better for people’s lifestyle as maintenance is a vital part of the management of dry eyes.

Is my dry eye cured after doing this treatment?

Once treated, there is still maintenance that is needed to have minimal symptoms of dry eyes. We will educate and help evaluate your lifestyle and diet as well as having solutions to address the causes of your dry eyes.

What are your current patients saying about you?

“Hands down, the dry eye spa is one of the best investment decisions I’ve made for myself.”

“I am writing this with excellent 20-20 vision which I believed I would never have again (…) Dr. Lee is my hero!”


“Dear Dr Lee – I cannot thank you enough for giving my eyes back!!”

Contact us today to schedule a dry eye evaluation!

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