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Dr. Jeanette Lee, owner of 20/20 Dry Eye Spa

Dr. Jeanette Lee
is passionate about treating patients
with dry eyes.

Having suffered from dry eyes since the age of 20, Dr. Lee developed a treatment program for dry eyes that is not just a passion but a necessity for her. She has made it her goal to find a solution to the cause of her problem and does not want others to suffer either.

Medically trained, Dr. Lee has a Doctor of Optometry from UC Berkeley and treats patients with eye infections, eye injuries and eye diseases such as glaucoma. For over 20 years, Dr. Lee has been specializing in the treatment of dry eyes. In 2009, she published an article in Primary Optometry News, “OD Shares Drug-free Approach to Treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction”. This protocol in treatment is still used today.

In 2018, Dr. Jeanette Lee opened the 20/20 Dry Eye Spa to offer a soothing, comfortable and customized experience for treating dry eyes. She and her team address the condition and determine which method of treatment is best for the dry eye patients.

People travel long and far to seek relief from dry eyes and see better. 20/20 Dry Eye Spa offers proven treatments that cure the cause of dry eyes and not just the symptoms.


Because dry eye syndrome is a chronic and typically progressive condition, it is a disease that must be treated. While it won’t just get better over time, it can be managed in most cases to prevent it from being a chronic problem.

20/20 Dry Eye Spa specifically treats those who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), because it is one of the main culprits causing severe dry eye problems. When this gland that secretes the oils for the tears gets blocked, there isn’t sufficient oil in the tears, so the tears evaporate quickly which leads to dry eyes. The other dry eye causes need to be addressed once the MGD is managed.

Dr. Jeanette Lee, owner of 20/20 Dry Eye Spa

Learn more about treatment options at 20/20 Dry Eye Spa.
Dr. Jeanette Lee and the team are determined to educate
people about MGD and dry eyes. Make an appointment today!

Understanding Dry Eyes. A deficiency of oil, water, or mucus on the surface of your eyes causes dry eyes. Your eyes are not being moisturized by enough tears. This can be caused by contact lenses, medications, or the environment. Even if a person can make tears, the quality of tears may be poor or significantly less than normal level. The drier the eyes, the more the cornea can become desensitized, so often people get used to chronic dry eyes. Would you let your car run out of oil and not function correctly? You probably take your vehicle in for regular oil changes, so it doesn’t run dry. Treat your eyes regularly, too, and don’t let them dry out. 20/20 Dry Eye Spa treats for dry eyes, so it does not become the norm. There is no reason to live with dry eyes when there is a treatment available.

Why 20/20 Dry Eye Spa?

Seeing better and feeling better go hand in hand. At 20/20 Dry Eye Spa, our goal is to improve your quality of life. We educate our patients to understand not just the symptoms of dry eyes but also the causes. We don’t want our patients to become victims of their symptoms. By understanding the triggers, you can have control over your eye condition. We offer solutions that will continue to help throughout your lifetime.

At 20/20 Dry Eye Spa, we use proven treatments developed to cure the causes of the dry eyes and not just the symptoms. There are exciting new technologies that enable the team to treat MGD in a quick, effective way. Relief can be had in minutes. Patients experience immediate gratification and leave the spa relieved and happy.

20/20 Dry Eye Spa Team

Dr. Jeanette Lee and Associates have always maintained the belief that a healthy body means healthy eyes, so when they consult with patients they aren’t just interested in their eyes, they are also interested in their overall health. They might recommend changes to a person’s diet, fluid intake, medications, and overall lifestyle to improve health.

There are many different approaches to take, so whether you are looking for a holistic “drug-free” approach, at home remedies, or changes to your everyday lifestyle to improve your dry eye symptoms, the team at 20/20 Dry Eye Spa can help. They love to take care of their patients and are so proud of the work they do. Pay us a visit soon and see for yourself.

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