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20/20 Dry Eye Spa helps children to see better.
Andrew’s story to success began years ago.

Andrew, a 13 year old boy complained about tired eyes, fatigue, and right eye drooping.

Andrew had a drooping right eye, but it seemed to be drooping now more than ever. He noticed it was getting in the way of his ability to complete his homework. In addition, cosmetically the drooping was making him feel self conscious about his appearance.


The patient had always had aperture or opening of his eyes smaller in the right eye than the left eye. Clinically, his eyes showed “ghost glands”, or barely visible glands, in the top lid, and minimal glands on the bottom lids.

His mother had asked about surgical intervention to lift up the right eyelid. At 20/20 Dry Eye Spa, Andrew was treated without surgery.


After the patient’s first treatment, the right eye lid lifted up immediately. With subsequent treatments, his lid droop has improved and his eyes are not as tired at the end of the day as they had been before.


Structurally, the glands may not return, but he is functionally seeing and feeling better than before.


Andrew will need to continue with the 20/20 Dry Eye Spa treatments and the personalized maintenance plan that was developed to prevent total gland loss. While his right eye still has a slight droop, Andrew and his mom report that the biggest thing is that he is not symptomatic, his dropping has improved, and he does not feel it like he did prior to treatments starting.


We're happy 20/20 Dry Eye could help Andrew with his appearance and play a role in helping him to function at a higher level in school!


20/20 Dry Eye Spa helps children to see better. Andrew’s story to success began years ago. 20/20 Dry Eye Spa Is Here For Children.
Call 408-433-0800 to see how we can help your child.

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