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Seeing Better Helps You Perform Better at Work

You may spend all day in front of the computer. It is your life and your livelihood. You sit for hours in front of a screen. Often, you don’t get a chance to get up or walk away from your desk. At the very least, you should be looking away from the screen every 15-30 minutes. At the end of the day, you have tired eyes, sore eyes, and/or irritated eyes. Perhaps you even have blurry vision. Your blink rate drops 67% when concentrating on digital devices. With reduced blink rate, there is a reduced distribution of oils or tear film, which causes dry eyes. Often this condition results in MGD, or meibomian gland dysfunction, a deficiency in the oil layer. This condition affects people of all ages and genders, and people who use digital devices tend to suffer more from it than others.

The number of hours on devices has risen. In addition, the number of devices used has
also increased over the years. This means that dry eye problems will continue to rise.

20/20 Dry Eye Spa can help. We understand how important your work is to you, and we want you to prepare better. We offer solutions to your eye problem since your eyes are tools, too. We treat the symptoms, get you relief, and develop a tailored dry eye treatment plan just for you.



PROBLEM: Amendra K. had dry eyes for over 2 years and was using Refresh artificial tears. Initially, he used them on a part-time basis. Then Amendra started needing drops every night, and then he needed to use the eyedrops throughout the day as his eyes felt irritated. Since he is a software engineer who needs to use a computer 12-14 hours/ day, this impacted his ability to work. He even used allergy eye drops to help with the itchy, scratchy sensation.

RESULTS: After treatment, the irritation and scratchy sensation went away. Amendra never knew his eyes could feel this good while working. He’s also happy to report that he now rarely uses eye drops. Unfortunately, his time spent staring at a screen has not decreased.


PROBLEM: Jenny N. didn’t know she had dry eyes for over 10+ years. She did know that she had to use eye drops all the time when wearing contacts and her eyes would immediately turn red; by 4 hours of wearing time, her contacts felt awful. This caused her to increase the use of eyedrops to every 30 minutes until the lenses were removed. She preferred contacts, but the redness and discomfort discouraged her from wearing them.


RESULTS: After the very first dry eye treatment, Jenny noticed a huge change. She went from avoiding contact lenses to using them daily. “Now I can wear contacts all day and my eyes do not get red”. That brings a tear to our eyes!


Feel Better with your own dry eye treatment.

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