Welcome to 20/20 Dry Eye Spa! When you visit us, you will feel relief from those uncomfortable symptoms that have been affecting
your health and your daily life.

There is no denying that life today is not the same as it used to be. People are at home for longer periods of time and on their computers or tablets now more than ever before. Your eyes are definitely feeling the effects.

While working from home or supervising your children during their online school, you have probably noticed your children or young adults spending a lot more time staring at a computer screen. You may see them rubbing their eyes, blinking excessively, or experiencing blurry vision. They may have developed dry eye syndrome. It is important to recognize the symptoms early. Visit
20/20 Dry Eye Spa today to start an individualized treatment plan.

To help alleviate the strain on your eyes, don’t forget to follow the 20-20-20 Rule:

Learning at home and working from home has seen a rise in dry eye cases. Your children and young adults are also feeling the effects of prolonged exposure to computer screens. With hours spent in front of a screen, it is highly likely that many students have developed a condition called Dry Eye. It is not too late to get help and relief. Call 20/20 Dry Eye Spa now.

Now more than ever, it is important that these children and young adults get evaluated.


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If you have any of the following eye symptoms,
chances are you suffer from dry eyes:

Your everyday life is affected by your ability to see better. Seek treatment at the 20/20 Dry Eye Spa, and all of the annoying or crippling symptoms that you have suffered from for so long will be addressed with a thorough evaluation, the right treatment and a maintenance plan. When you no longer suffer from dry eyes, you can be more productive and live a more active life.

You might fit into one of these categories of people who will see immediate results from dry eye treatment.


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Hands down, the 2020 Dry Eye Spa is one of the best investment decision I’ve made for myself. I have been having severe dry eyes problem for over 5 years. Immediately after the first session, I could feel a big difference. My eyes felt moist! That is something that I haven’t felt for so long. After the 4th and final session, I could read again! The double vision and ghosting is barely noticeable. It’s been over a month since I’ve completed the dry eye spa sessions, and my eyes feel great. I highly recommend anyone with dry eyes problem to give the dry eye spa a try! And it feels so good too, you will wish each session lasted much longer!

- VP

Dear Dr Lee,
I can not thank you enough for giving me my eyes back!! I was beside myself suffering for the last 3 yrs from dry eye, pink eye infections, Blepharitis, and MGD. I had tried everything from numerous medications and drops, to IPL treatments that cost $400.00 a treatment (not covered by insurance). I saw several Ophthalmologists, and nothing worked. My eyes watered constantly and I was unable to wear contacts or make-up. I felt awful.
I happen to be googling what to do, and ran across your article. I thought what do I have to lose. I committed to do everything you recommended…. I COULD NOT believe how the relief was almost immediate. My eyes are virtually fine now and I use no drops. I wake up with clear white eyes, I am able to wear my contacts and make-up! You have given my eyes, and sanity back!
Thank you Dr Lee from the bottom of my ❤️ !


I lived most of my adult life with mild dry eyes from seasonal pollen and had little trouble coping with my eye-sight and living a ‘normal’ life and performing my job. However; when the wildfires hit, my eyes became severely dry.
They were constantly red, ‘crackling’ and in pain. I sought out relief from Dr. Jeanette Lee. She introduced me to the ‘Eye Spa’ and I had 4 treatments in the first month. About 15 minutes into the first treatment I started crying from the sense of immediate relief and the feeling of having my eyes nurtured. To go from intense suffering to relief was overwhelming! I highly recommend Dr. Lee as a dry eye expert and the ‘Eye Spa’ which I now call, “liquid love.”! In addition, I also do the ‘home eye spa’ maintenance, and I see Dr. Lee once a month for ongoing treatment. Do yourself and your eyes a favor and check it out!


I really hate wearing glasses, but my dry eyes made wearing contacts all day difficult. Even a night out with contacts was so uncomfortable that after a few hours I’d usually end of taking them out and driving home with my glasses on. All the fish oil, eye massages, wipes, etc., only made my condition tolerable at best.

After just one eye spa session, BAM, my itchy dry eyes were gone! Amazing! The effects are not permanent, especially during peak allergy season, but I find that going every other month and using my eye heat pad at home has made me more comfortable than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s the only treatment where the effects were immediate and stayed that way for a long time afterwards. I don’t think I can live without these treatments. Thank you Dr. Lee for making the allergy season comfortable again!

- MT

I am writing this with excellent 20-20 vision which I believed I would never have again. Every day I marvel at my great vision and am thankful to Dr. Lee.

She fit me with scleral lenses which essentially dome over my lumpy ‘sliced-and-diced’ corneas thus eliminating all that distortion. The lenses are a bit pricy, but what price

The second thing Dr. Lee did for me was to diagnose that I also had a ‘dry eye’ condition. It turns out that this condition was the problem with all of my early attempts with contact lenses. She has been treating me for this condition, which is now much improved.
Dr. Lee is my hero!