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Welcome to 20/20 Dry Eye Spa!

Visit us to feel relief from the uncomfortable symptoms that have been affecting your health and your daily life.


From the latest treatments, including Lumenis IPL, Miboflo, Lipiflow, to overall health and wellness improvements, you are in the right place to experience relief from the effects caused by Dry Eyes. 


Individualized plans make a difference.

By taking a holistic approach, Dr. Jeanette Lee and the dry eye team are able to treat the root causes of a patient's dry eye problem. This can lead to long term solutions and helps our patients live with better vision.

Visit 20/20 Dry Eye to start an individualized treatment plan.

Most people are unaware they have dry eyes.

Don’t let poor visibility and discomfort become a way of life. We can help prevent this and help you live a healthier life with improved vision. Get the proper treatment. Cal 408-433-0800 to schedule an appointment.

Using digital devices over two hours a day may lead to dry eye disease.

Do you find that you are rubbing your eyes, blinking excessively, or experiencing blurry vision? These are all symptoms of dry eye, and a leading cause is related to screen time. The more you stare at a device, the greater your chances of developing issues.

There is no denying that life today is not the same as it used to be. Children and adults are at home for longer periods of time and on their digital devices and cell phones now more than ever before. Your eyes are definitely feeling the effects.

Children and young adults need to get evaluated.


Learn Better


Live Better

If you experience any of the following, chances are you suffer from dry eyes:

-Itchy Eyes 


-Watery Eyes

-Eye Irritation

-Difficulty/Unable to wear contacts

-Redness of the Eyes



-Light Sensitivity

-Fluctuation of Vision


Your everyday life is affected by your ability to see better. 

Stop suffering. Visit us for an evaluation, the right treatment and a maintenance plan. When you no longer suffer from dry eyes, you can be more productive and live a more active life.


Seek treatment at the 20/20 Dry Eye Spa. Call 408-433-0800.

Blue Skies
You might fit into one of these categories of people who will see immediate results from dry eye treatment.


Perform Better


Train Better


Feel Better

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